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About the Boat

‘Ship Faced’

The boat is a 2015 Formula 350 CBR – Crossover Bow Rider with an extended swim platform on the stern. The features of the boat are highlighted below which will help provide a memorable

‘Adventure Charter on a High-Performance Luxury Boat.’

Safety Equipment

  • USCG approved Adult and Child Type 1 offshore life jackets fitted with floating water light.
  • USCG approved 24” Life Ring with floating water light and 65’ lifeline
  • EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) Category 1- When activated, this device communicates directly through satellite to Search and Rescue (SAR) that the vessel is in imminent danger and will begin dispatching help.
  • 2 B-1 portable fire extinguishers and a fixed fire extinguishing system located in the engine compartment. As USCG requires, all fire extinguishers/system was inspected 11/23/2021. The cabin is fitted with a USCG approved smoke detector and a CO detector.
  • Assorted size USCG approved Type 3 life jackets used for water sports only.

Overall boat length of 37’11”, beam of 10’9” and draft of 40” which provides excellent stability and smooth ride while cutting through the water.

The boat is powered by twin Mercruiser 8.2L big block V-8 engines which provides the reliability of 2 engines along with smooth power to maneuver in all circumstances.

The deck space is fitted with multiple arrangements of luxury padded seating and dining options. The entire deck passenger areas are fitted with 32 stainless cup holders.

  • The open bow offers an extended ‘V’ seating pattern and portable table which comfortably seats 4-6.
  • Middle boat area is where the helm is located along with a horseshoe and bench seating area for 4-6 all under the large sport roof. A portable table and small refrigerator is also available in this seating area.

The cabin area is used as a private lockable clothing change area and storage for passenger belongings. The cabin also has a sink, microwave, small refrigerator and toilet area.

‘Ship Faced’ is outfitted with the latest technology used for vessel control and electronic navigation equipment to provide safe and reliable travel in any conditions for near and offshore charters. The onboard GPS navigation plotter charts are updated daily. For assured safety, Captain Steve carries the same detailed GPS based charts on his portable device.