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About the Captain

Captain Steve Simard

is a Licensed Master that initially began his seagoing career at the age of 17 upon enrollment to Maine Maritime Academy and successfully graduated 4 years later. Captain Steve spent the following 14 years as a licensed officer aboard the various US flagged merchant ships on worldwide trade routes. Captain Steve was also a Naval Reserve Officer during that period and beyond. Captain Steve never was far from the water and has always owned waterfront property with personal motor and sailboats docked nearby. Over the years, Captain Steve has accumulated thousands of event free days at sea on ships and personal boats.

In 2012, Captain Steve and his wife Denise purchased waterfront property in Cape Coral, FL following a 5 year search for an ideal area that offered a comfortable climate, abundant natural shoreside beauty consisting of beaches, wildlife, marine life, and year round boating. SW Florida became their full-time residence. Captain Steve is dedicating his practical seamanship skill sets and his remaining quality years to sharing these local natural treasures with visitors and residents by providing family friendly boat charter packages. See our ‘Charter Services Offered’ page or [email protected] or Call 207-576-2357

Captain Steve has also made his commercial ‘Captain for Hire’ services available for private boat owners and accommodating wholesale or retail sales related logistic support services. See the ‘Captain for Hire Services’ page or [email protected] or Call 207-576-2357

Since Day 1, Captain Steve’s career has followed a (SEA) Protocol approach to seamanship.


1.) Safety – Safe voyage from beginning to completion and primary goal is each person’s safety by:

  • The Chartered vessel is inspected by Captain Steve & crew member prior to passenger loading.
  • A comprehensive vessel orientation with passengers is conducted prior leaving the dock.
  • Most important is that each person is capable of survival under worst case scenario conditions and each person should feel confident this opportunity for survival is readily available.

2.) Environmental Compliance – Environmental rules and regulations for operating all types of vessels have been created by government authorities, regulated & enforced locally and required by the vessel operator to comply with these conditions.

  • Captain Steve has the overall responsibility to comply with these rules and regulations for protection of pollutants to air & water and wildlife & marine life protection.
  • The charter vessel has a change area and toilet facility with waste storage holding tank.
  • All trash and recyclables are stored on board until return to port.
  • If wildlife and marine life is encountered, we take the time for passengers to properly view and the vessel is always positioned to not disturb or endanger the natural habitat.

3.) Asset Management – The primary asset here is the Boat and properly managing the capabilities of the vessel.

  • Motor vessel ‘Ship Faced’ is a 2015 Formula boat that is outfitted with the best available technology for monitoring operating system performance and alerting of abnormal conditions. Captain Steve is familiar with its capabilities and will not risk jeopardizing boat availability. After all, the boat is required to safely return home. See the ‘About the Boat’ page.
  • The boat is stored out of the water in a rack at Salty Sams Marina between voyages. The highly competent marina staff provides beneficial oversight (an extra set of eyes) when removing or launching the boat.
  • Boat maintenance is performed according to OEM technical specifications and performed by Certified Mechanics at Salty Sam’s Marina.