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Captain for Hire Services and Rates

My Captain for Hire Services consist of:

Captain Service for the day or hourly: This is offered to assist owners with becoming familiar with a new boat and the area. The owners may choose to spend time with their guests without the responsibilities of vessel navigation and maneuvering. We drive and you enjoy!

Rates and Terms:  $55/hour – Minimum of 3 hours service time and within 40 miles of auto drive time from Zip Code 33903 to service location. Otherwise $60/hour – Minimum of 4 hours service time within 75 miles of auto drive time. The customer is billed only for service time. A full day of service: 8 hours @ $55/hr. = $440 and @ $60/hr. = $480. **Rate includes crew member if needed.

** Note: To provide these services, the vessel owner must have insurance coverage for additional insured operator.

Motor vessel relocation and delivery

Rates and Terms: Captain and 1 Crewmember

  • $600/day for Captain
  • $200/day for Crewmember
  • $250/day if Credentialed Crew required

Additional Rates and Terms: The boat/yacht owner is responsible for all expenses.

  • Transit fees – This includes fuel, consumables and dockage fees. Normally we don’t operate the vessel overnight and will require marina transient dock space if anchorage is unavailable. $25/day/crewmember for provisions.
  • Travel costs to meet boat and/or following delivery – Total of round trip transportation costs for captain and crew from area code 33903 to your vessel location. This includes any costs incurred from the required ground and air transportation, consumables, and overnight lodging.
  • Crew Pay during Travel: Captain & crew pay for travel days is ½ of the agreed upon rate for vessel relocations.
  • 2 weeks Advanced Reservations Required
    • **** A 25% deposit is required at reservation time for anticipated and agreed upon expenses. An additional 65% of the total balance for the agreed upon expenses is required a day prior to travel. The remaining 10% of the total balance will be due at vessel delivery.

Cancellation Policy: The Captain, at his discretion, may cancel or postpone a relocation or delivery due to weather, vessel safety conditions, or other unforeseen conditions and circumstances. A rescheduled delivery date under the same terms will be agreed upon following a change in conditions or corrections completed. If the customer cancels for any reason, $500 dollars of the deposit fee is forfeited.

** Note: To provide these services, the vessel owner must have insurance coverage for an additional insured operator.

Relief captain for relocations – Assist shorthanded or new boat owners move their vessels to a new destination.

  • Rates and Terms:  Same Rate and Term conditions as ‘Motor Vessel Relocation and Delivery’ above.