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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will we be sharing the charter with people other than our own party?

A. No. This is your private party charter of up to 6 people.

Q. What time should we arrive for the charter?

A. Plan on arriving about 20 minutes prior to departure. This will allow time for introductions, safety orientation and loading gear. Give yourself enough time to find a parking spot. If you are running late, please call and we will make an effort to make up the difference at charter end time if possible.

Q. Can we fish from the Boat?

A. Sorry no fishing. We are a sightseeing and watersports family oriented charter provider only but can refer charter acquaintances.

Q. What are your minimum age requirements?

A. The Boat is not recommended for use by children under the age of 5, the disabled or the elderly. Children under the age of 18 are required to be supervised by a parent or guardian. All passengers are required to acknowledge and sign a liability waiver prior to commencing the charter.

Q. Do we have to pack our own drinks and lunch?

A. Yes, your beverages of choice including alcohol and lunch are recommended. Friendly Waves Boat Charters (FWBC) will provide complimentary bottled ice water and light packaged snacks. For $15 per person, we offer to arrange a picnic lunch to be prepared by a local deli and picked up prior to departure for the full day All-In-One charter. A link to the menu will be provided.

Q. What other supplies should we bring?

A. It is recommended to bring sunglasses and a hat. All ‘Fun Pack’ Charter passengers will receive a complimentary ‘Sea Bag’ which contains a Mesh Shell Bag, Reef Friendly 30spf Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Sanitizer and Beverage Koozie. The boat is outfitted with 2 small refrigerators and 2 ice coolers. Your own cooler is welcome and the boat has storage room to accommodate.

Q. Do we have to bring our own beach towels?

A. If you have a favorite, bring it. Otherwise we will furnish you a beach towel.

Q. Will we be able to change following watersports activities?

A. Yes. The boat’s stern swim platform area is fitted with a freshwater shower hose to rinse off. The lockable cabin area provides a perfect place to change and store extra belongings. The bathroom facility is also located below deck.

Q. Will we see Dolphins or Manatees?

A. There is a very good possibility we will spot bottle-nosed dolphins along our travel routes throughout the tour. We will take the extra time for you to observe them in their natural behavior. Occasionally they will play in the boat wake. The Manatees are a little less visible but are also present along the travel routes.

Q. If we go shelling, can we keep them?

A. Collecting seashells is generally allowed on public beaches and shoreline areas in Florida, as long as the shells have no living creatures within them. The same shelling rules apply to starfish, sand dollars and sea urchins in many areas: If the creature is alive, leave it alone.

Q. How far ahead should we book our Charter?

A. Keep in mind the busiest months in SW Florida are February-June and again during fall holiday season. Booking as far in advance as possible is recommended and choose the earliest day of your stay so if inclement weather conditions become a factor we can arrange to reschedule.

Q. What happens if the weather is bad?

A. Friendly Waves Boat Charters (FWBC) has a ‘Cancellation Policy.’ Capt. Steve, at his discretion, may cancel or postpone a scheduled charter due to weather, vessel safety conditions or other unforeseen conditions and circumstances. A full refund or rescheduled charter date under the same terms will be agreed upon following a change in conditions or corrections completed. You will also be given the option of a gift certificate for open date future use. Occasionally, weather conditions will change while the charter is in progress and Capt. Steve will attempt to relocate the fun. However, a partial refund amount will be pro-rated if conditions warrant the boat charter to end early. If we have to end the boat charter during the final 1 hour, no refund will be granted.

Q. Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

A. Yes. If the customer cancels more than 48 before the trip, they will be fully refunded. If cancelling less than 48 hours of the trip, the $200 deposit will be forfeited or given the option of a gift certificate for open date future use. If the customer cancels less than 24 hours of the trip or a ‘no show’, all of the $200 deposit will be forfeited.

Q. What kind of activities can we do on the boat? What type of watersports gear is available?

A. While the boat is in motion during sightseeing and transit to a location, all passengers need to remain seated. When away from other boat traffic, the 3-person inflatable rides will commence and continue until we arrive at a beach destination. Once anchored and engines are off, swimming activities from the boat and beach are allowed. The boat carries an inflatable 10’ X 8’ inflatable floating dock which is tethered to the boat, a jumbo 9.5’ X 7’ floating mat which can be used on the beach or water and 2 inflatable kayak/paddleboards. An additional crewmember is on board providing safe oversight during all activities.

Q. Are life jackets required to be worn on the boat?

A. By law, only children less than 6 are required to wear a life jacket on the boat. The boat is outfitted with Type 1 lifejackets for adults and children. All will be shown their location and how to use should an emergency situation develop. Passengers taking part in watersports activities, such as riding on the towable or boards, will be required to wear a type 3 vest which we can provide if you don’t have your own.

Q. Is it customary to tip?

A. Gratuity tips are a wonderful compliment and greatly appreciated. Customarily they are 10-20%.